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- Have you noticed changes?
– Si. Estoy mucho menos ansiosa y preocupada. Y estoy de mucho mejor humor, avalado por mi familia y mi novio


Many thanks! I'm barely halfway through detox and I've been doing my morning routine for a week now and I feel super happy and calm. I think since I was 15 years old that I didn't feel this way. The truth is I am surprised.



La inflamación general de mi cuerpo bajo mucho. Y también la colitis, me siento mucho mejor, gracias.


I feel more self-confident, mentally I also feel more awake, I still suddenly forget the words but it is something minimal, I think it is the only thing that remains of the symptoms I had before starting the program. In fact, I am also about to stop the depression medication and I have no longer had anxiety attacks, panic attacks or nightmares



I have remained stable in terms of the medication and that is great because they usually increased the dose, I know that I am on the right path and I will continue to improve day after day, because the changes have been very satisfactory and noticeable for me and the people around me . Many thanks to Judith and Sana tu thyroid for providing all their knowledge of years and helping us realize that if it can be improved and achieve great changes. The personalized program is highly comprehensive and positive for each person who wants to improve their life and heal their thyroid . Thank you



Many ideas that I had abandoned have resurfaced, others that I was executing have taken on new airs and all the time I am creating myself, creating my life. I am very happy and grateful with the Heal Your Thyroid program and I highly recommend it, it is a way to heal holistically, putting myself first.



I did a set of thyroid tests (this time including anti-peroxidase antibody). All my levels come out within range !!

Only two liver enzymes came out super high ... so I'm going to start liver care again. And of course, continue with the style of taking care of my body and my emotions!



My antibodies dropped more than 100 points compared to the analysis of 3 months ago applying the protocol the first 2 weeks. The tingling that I had all week I only had 3 days and I feel more energetic. I feel better! I like food and my morning routine makes me feel calm and active.



I am very happy that I made the decision to start the program. Almost two months after starting and during my visit with the doctor I lost five kilos of weight, and he tells me that they are the best results that I have had in these almost six years of thyroid control. The best thing is that he will start to lower my dose of medicine. He took away the Trillotex and one day without the Euthyrox with the possibility that in two months I would lower the dose. I feel very grateful to God for having led me to listen to Judith talking about the subject and to Sana tu thyroid for the possibility that He gives me. to have a better life.

A healthy life.



Judith me desinflame tanto que ahora me gusta verme al espejo

I didn't know why I didn't like to see myself anymore

I don't want to get inflamed again



Me he sentido super bien!! Mi digestión bien, sin cansancio y he notado q no amanecen mis ojos huchados y la cara me la veo limpia


In the first two weeks of the program, my tongue has felt cleaner and I can taste food better. With hyperthyroidism, my hands were shaking and that trembling decreased with the medication but with the change in diet it disappeared. The inflammation in the eyes has diminished as well as that of the neck. I have rested much better, I am excited about the changes and I am just starting!




A new life awaits you and it begins today.

Join the community of women and men willing to go deep and heal from within, your dreams, family and mission just as the members of our community have achieved.

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