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Thyroid boost is a 21-day program to start optimizing your thyroid in a comprehensive way. You need to know what it is, how it works and what it represents emotionally and energetically, in order to start reversing your symptoms from day one.
The program is structured in 3 live sessions per week and downloadable material to which you will have access for life.

what will you learn

  • What is it, how does it work and what does your thyroid represent emotionally and energetically
  • Specific yoga to balance it
  • Learn how to optimize liver function through a gentle liver cleanse with easy-to-find food

what will you achieve

  • Understand the possible emotional roots of your condition and the first steps to improve
  • higher energy levels
  • Decrease in your symptoms if you apply the knowledge consistently
  • Mental, emotional and physical clarity when putting the program into practice

For whom it is

  • For people who want to know and optimize their endocrine system
  • For people with or without a thyroid
  • For women and men who want to optimize thyroid function with or without a diagnosis of dysfunction
  • To improve your energy level and lower general toxicity levels

What do I need to do it?

  • Open attitude to listen and heal
  • Food that you can find in a local market or supermarket
  • mat/yoga mat
  • Live internet connection on the days of the 3 sessions

who teaches it

Judith González, founder of Heal your thyroid, with studies in functional nutrition by the Functional Nutrition Alliance, certified in Thyroid yoga and who completely reversed Hashimoto's hypothyroidism by applying what you will learn and other somatic techniques that she shares through Heal your thyroid.

why do it

  • Your thyroid is a master gland that needs specific nutrients and a suitable cellular environment to produce and convert the thyroid hormones that your entire body needs.
  • The hormone replacement pill DOES NOT TREAT THE ROOT OF THE CONDITION.
  • The 3 causes of thyroid dysfunction are: high toxicity, the quality of your digestion and your genetics, if you treat the root, you will improve.

satisfaction guarantee

If you apply the measures as indicated and after 21 days of applying it as indicated you do not notice an improvement, your money will be returned.


March 19, 26 and April 2, 2022 10 am CST

Online sessions live and recorded, access for one year

3500 Mexican pesos or 199 USD normal price, before March 19 2999 Mexican pesos or 149 USD

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